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Accountability and Wellness Mentoring

I have always loved fitness!!  After playing high school sports, I worked out at the YMCA throughout college pretty regularly.  I completed my Chemical Engineering degree started a new job at 21 yrs old and straight out of college immediately began working on my MBA.  Once I completed that, I got married and had two beautiful children.  All the while, I stayed pretty flat or maintained a physique of balancing food with diet, never getting serious.

My weight begin to slowly climb about 5# per year – which as you know, at this rate I would be overweight very soon if something didn’t change. From 2012-2015, I was active in Crossfit – although I know this type exercise works for some, it was too tough on my joints with all the plyos and impact on my knees.  Also the heavy weight lifting was causing me to become bulky all over and I wasn’t consistent enough to realize the HIIT training benefits.  In 2016 I began Krav Maga, which I was addicted to!  This is a great combination of body weight exercise, self defense training, and bag class.  Unfortunately the times of the classes did not work for me during the day and the evenings were out because I had wanted to ensure I had quality time with my husband and young kids.

I stopped nursing my son in December 2016, and by February 2017, I was depressed.  I could not find anything that worked for me.  I started drinking wine every night and I found I was not happy with myself physically or mentally.  I was missing something – I had no personal time to focus on myself. I had always dreamed of being lean and I began to follow people on InstaGram who were inspiring me.  I became addicted with the NPC/IFBB competitions, but never thought it was something I could do.  I talked to a local coach and decided I would pay the money, I would invest in her coaching if she would help me be accountable.  This would be the first time I had ever truly incorporated nutrition, supplements, and macros into my daily routine.

I set a goal to lose body fat, I checked in every single week, I did my meal planning and all my work paid off.  After 3 months, I had dropped from 17.7% Body fat to 12%.

I am mentally stronger, meal planning gave me something to do for me – everyday, something to prepare – much like I did for my kids.  I was addicted to the progress and I was like a high speed train – I could not get enough. I set a goal to compete in June 2017 at Greater Gulf States NPC Bikini Competition! Because of my dedication, I WON and I was able to accomplish something I thought I could never do. That’s where the value of the of this program comes to.  It is finding what motivates you and allows you to see mental and physical progress.  I have never been happier.  My home life is healthy and it is balanced.

So keep in mind, that since the moment you contact me, you will become my client, whether you decide to follow my program or not – I will support you.



latest photos from 2017 Competitions