Holiday Meal Maintenance

This Thanksgiving many of your will be visiting family and friends.  We should all take the time to thank God for what he has given us.  As I think back to my trip to Romania this past summer, I am reminded of how blessed we are to live in a country where we are free to do what we want, where entrepreneurship is encouraged, where we have endless opportunities.  The only person holding you back is YOU.

So here it is, I have been listening all week to people say their goal is to maintain during the holidays and come Jan 2, they will really kick it into gear.  Well I would like to provide you with the recipe for success for the holidays and really any social event or party.

1.Bring a dish which is a healthy option for you and the family – Remember everyone is watching you and you could be inspiring others to take that first step.  Bring a copy of the recipe on a notecard so others can make it.

2.  Bring your meal prep containers – Let’s say you get to your first stop for Thanksgiving at 12:00pm and when everyone is filling up their plates, you fill up your containers.  I use one to fill up with meat and in the second one, I fill the large section with vegetables and the two smaller sections with my carbs.  These will be come my meals for the next 24 hours (including Black Friday shopping).   Then if you have a second event to go to for dinner, take a third container to meal prep for Saturday’s Bowl games while you veg out on the couch!  Use you scale to keep your potions the same while you eat the meals (typically 4oz meat, 4 oz veggies, 3oz carbs).  This will help you keep your digestion system in check so you don’t overload it and feel completely uncomfortable.

3.   Drink Water– Just like any day, water consumption is so important.  It will also help keep you full as you go throughout the day.  As a rule of thumb, I always tell my clients – drink a bottle of water with each meal and two with your workouts!

4.   EAT DESSERT – That’s right, I said it…..enjoy the time with your family and friends and have a slice of pecan pie!  One slice though – if you need to measure it should not exceed 4oz!  I like to pair mine with a nice cup of coffee so I don’t over indulge!

5.  Stick to your workouts – Thanksgiving is on a Thursday, meaning most of you have time off Thurs- Sunday!  This is an opportunity to spend that extra time in the gym!  I like to make my workouts fun during the holidays and change things up a little.  Thursday morning is the best time to get your workout done in the kitchen at home while you are cooking!  I would like to recommend “Deck of Cards” – Flip each card and do the number of reps on the card of each exercise below (J/Q/K/A are ten).  No equipment needed.

  • Spades – Pushups
  • Clubs – Jumping Squats
  • Diamonds – Plank Shoulder Taps
  • Hearts – Curtsey Lunges

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