NOLAFitMom Programs

Once you purchase the nutrition plan, you can choose from the normal workout plan for 4 weeks accountability check-ins.  You can also choose an “additional program”, which does not include nutrition and supplementation (it will be workouts ONLY).  Remember it’s 80% NUTRITION.  Let’s get started today!

Why choose NOLAFitMom program?

I am not in it to make a profit!!!!  I want to help others overcome life situations using nutrition, proper supplements and exercise.  God made us to get up and move, so let’s do it!  This is more of a mental conditioning program than physical strength. It’s used by many  institutions, to set healthy habits by encouraging accountability and offering advice when life get’s you down. I am not a psychologist or a personal trainer; I am an engineer, a mom, and a gym rat! NOLA FitMom is an accountability program, which can be used for mental stress relief, accomplishing fitness goals to helping you achieve the best YOU.  This program is designed for universal scalability and will be useful for the rest of your life.

People whom will benefit from this program:

•Amateurs to the fitness industry looking for stabilized metabolism

•Anyone looking for a community of people who want to encourage and INSPIRE you

•Parents looking for a way to fit fitness into work/life balance

•Seasoned athletes who want to drop Body Fat and possibly compete